Immanuel Lutheran Church & School

Gymnasium and Classroom Addition

The challenge

Immanuel Lutheran Church & School has over the years seen an influx in students. As such, the facility was in need of expansion. Wakely was awarded the project and was faced with the challenge to integrate a new classroom and gymnasium addtiion with the existing campus.

The goals

Wakely aspired to create a space not only for the students, but for visitors of the school. An important aspect of the new addition was to reflect the identity of the school. Glazing gives an etherial feeling to the space. Detailed masonry work adorn the exterior of the facility adding to the elegance of being in a place of worship.

Gymnasium and Classroom Addition

All About the People
A new gymnasium, entryway and classroom addition give new life to The Immanuel Lutheran Church & School. These new spaces provide a much needed expansion to the growing population at the school and church.

All images are conceptual renderings

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